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Welcome to Executive Juice!

What happens when you decide to leave work and create something of your own? How do you actually leave work anyway?

What do people actually do once they leave corporate-land? How do they make a success of it?

All of these questions and more are answered by squeezing Executive Juice, which is high-grade food for your brain to help you :

  • Create a plan to leave work or plan your ‘side hustle’
  • Start your own business, and
  • Help understand what you need to make a success of it

Join us as we speak to some of the most inspirational men and women from all over the world who share their best Juice so that we can create the life that we want.

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I’ve been schooled that ‘Feedback is a gift’ and with this in mind please do feel free to contact me should you have any comments, feedback or if you’d like different questions to be asked, I’m all ears!

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