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Welcome to Executive Juice!

After spending many years working for large companies and meeting lots of ‘successful’ business owners, entrepreneurs and senior executives, I started to wonder: What is it that these people are doing that has made them successful?

Executive Juice was created with the sole intention of squeezing the learnings and insights out of these leaders; finding out what these people do, what they think about, what habits they have and what has helped elevate them to a level we all would consider successful.

This doesn’t simply equate to money, but to living a life which they choose to live or have designed for themselves rather than following predetermined routes that many of us (certainly in my case) blindly follow.

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I’ve been schooled that ‘Feedback is a gift’ and with this in mind please do feel free to contact me should you have any comments, feedback or if you’d like different questions to be asked, I’m all ears!

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