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Stuart Lordan

After working for 20+ years and delivering benefits for the companies I worked for, I decided to leave full-time employment in the summer of 2016. As often happens with my decisions, it happened at a time when most ‘normal’ people were suggesting that it was not the right thing to do.

They had a point. With three children under 8 and another one due within 5 months the timing wasn’t great, but it wasn’t something I wanted to delay any further.

With an understanding wife, I sold our residential property and used the funds to commence investing in property and have been able to create a modest portfolio.

Fortunately, due to a number of great relationships built over the years I have also been able to provide consultancy for Retailers and Agencies, which has supported the ‘Feeding the Kids’ fund…

Working for myself has opened many new doors and has provided a very different view of the world, seeing where some create the rules they want to work with and I have to say is something which inspires me.

Meeting new people, building new relationships is simply a natural passion of mine and this podcast is simply an extension of that.

The hope for the podcast is that it stimulates thoughts and reflections in others as it has me and that others may benefit from hearing from other inspirational people who are like you and me and achieving all they want to.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is these people have that you don’t (which is always my question) my hope is that this podcast goes some way to uncovering the habits, the actions and the thinking which these people have which has created success in their lives.

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