Ep 013: Lamont Patterson

The business of music and developing new talent in the music industry with CEO Lamont Patterson

This week, I’m joined by Lamont Patterson, CEO of World Movement Records, providing a place where an artist can truly be who they are. Lamont has been in bands himself and has also worked with greats such as Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, and Tina Turner. Currently, Lamont’s focus is on his entertainment enterprise where he gives young artists a place to develop and grow. As an artist, Lamont worked hard to learn his craft. Without the internet, it took weeks to get CDs overseas. Nowadays, artists really don’t have any excuses. Later, Lamont explains why artists need to focus on the business side of music and the importance of seeing things through to completion.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Invest in yourself – no one will believe in you more than you
  • Lamont’s biggest failure: not focusing enough on the business
  • Fishing jumpstarts the creative juices
  • Focus on the completes
  • Lamont’s current investments
  • Raw talent is inspiring
  • Listen to the criticism, but be true to yourself

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