Ep 014: Richard Blain

Dealing with risk through honesty with multiple business owner and serial entrepreneur Richard Blain

In our first over 'offsite' interview Richard Blain joins me from one of his businesses to share his experiences of launching and running several businesses since the 90s dot-com bubble. Currently Founder and CEO at Earth-i – which delivers the world’s first commercial colour video from space – he holds decades of success building businesses within the aviation and aerospace industries, and healthcare and insurance sectors.

We meet at the Pilot’s Hub Cafe to learn how he obtained his pilot’s license aged 17, why it’s important to “not believe your own propaganda” when running a business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting carried away during the dot-com bubble’s “promising landscape”
  • His approach to business risk
  • Being mindful that success isn’t always around the corner

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