Ep 016: Bird

Bird talks about brutal honesty, the art of non-judgement and her biggest failure in life.

This week we talk with Sarah-Anne Lucas aka Bird. Bird is an author, international speaker, businesswomen, Ironman, and most importantly, Mum to three extraordinary little people (well, maybe not so little anymore!).

In this episode, Bird tells us about her business ventures including Bird on a Bike, her upcoming book, and her weekly talk show. Bird explains what she is hungry for; she wakes up at 5 am because she needs to and thrives off of it. By running a flourishing business and working hard to stay a competitive athlete, Bird wants to be an inspiration for her adult children. Then, Bird discusses the art of being non-judgmental and allowing your children to be who they want to be rather than whom you think they should be. Later, Bird describes her biggest failure – she was not able to stay married to her ex-husband. Plus, something Bird needs to work on is resting; mentally, it is challenging to rest. Rest is still very active for some people. Stay tuned to hear the quick juice questions!

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • [00:30] About Bird
  • [05:30] Bird’s upcoming book
  • [09:55] What Bird is hungry for
  • [13:00] There’s always a story behind the book
  • [15:05] Practicing the art of being non-judgmental
  • [18:20] Bird’s biggest failure
  • [21:30] Being brutally honest with people
  • [22:15] The need to rest
  • [25:00] Quick Juice Questions
  • [25:10] Do you currently invest? What do you look for in an investment and why?
  • [26:10] What most inspires you? When and where are you most inspired?
  • [29:50] Which book has inspired you and changed your thinking the most?
  • [37:00] The last bit of Executive Juice: Just do it.




  • “I still need to have courage, discipline, and be committed.”
  • “My children are much older now; they need more from me now than they ever have.”
  • “I want to be my children’s inspiration, not somebody else.”
  • “I’m brutally honest with people, and that costs.”