Ep 021: Penny Power OBE

Penny Power’s inspiring journey back from a £2.5M problem

Author and Professional Speaker, Penny Power OBE, joins me as we discuss the personal side of business.

She shares the lessons she gleaned from her 14-year experience running Ecademy, the world’s first social network for business people, the habits that have kept her going as an entrepreneur, and the importance of mental health for an entrepreneur.

In this episode we discuss:

00:39    Brief Intro to Guest, Penny Power OBE

01:04    What you might not know about Penny Power

02:54    Accidental Entrepreneur – What is that all about?

04:50    The LinkedIn before LinkedIn? – Penny Power on Creating Ecademy

05:51    The difficult decisions Ecademy had to make given the rise of LinkedIn and other social media

10:22    Biggest lessons from the 14-year, tiger-by-the-tail Ecademy journey

15:26    What habits have kept you going as an entrepreneur?

19:24    What were you doing prior to starting Ecademy at the age of 33?

Quick Juice Questions

21:19    Do you invest? And if so, what do you invest in?

23:16    What most inspires you? And when and where are you most inspired?

24:43    What book has most inspired you and changed your thinking the most?

26:00    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and/or given?

27:44    If there’s one last bit of Executive Juice you can share for people who want to get to the top of their game, what would it be?

“Whatever you do in life, always feel like you’re in control of it and you’re not comparing yourself with others or trying to be like anyone else.”

29:06    How can people reach out to you if they’d like to get more information?

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  • “It was a joy building the community (Ecademy), but it was a fight to hold on to this business in terms of the values and what we wanted it to be.”
  • “Be very cautious of bringing investors into a business because you immediately lose control.”
  • “Build your personal brand.”
  • “Learn about your mental fitness.”
  • “You have to be mentally fit to run a business.”
  • “I’m very independent, which is a strength in business ownership. But overdone, it is a very destructive habit.”
  • “Don’t let yourself down by not bringing your A-game.”
  • “Most people say they want to be their own boss because they want financial freedom, freedom of autonomy, freedom of time. But I think the ultimate form of freedom is when you’re free to be who you are.”
  • “I was told happiness is made up of three things – 50% is your constitution, 10% is achievement of the things you want, but 40% is how much control you have over your life and your decisions.”