Ep 025: Amy Perkins

How to annihilate impostor syndrome and live a life of courage with author Amy Perkins

Author of Keys to Courage, Amy Perkins, joins us as we discuss learning from difficult times, overcoming the impostor syndrome, and speaking your truth.

In this episode we discuss:

00:50                About Amy Perkins

03:20                 Amy talks about her experience with toxic leadership

11:17                   Amy on leaving her 25-year career in the education sector – The lack of support was the final straw

12:16                  Amy talks about resilience and learning from difficult times

14:07                  Amy on losing her best friend and overcoming impostor syndrome

17:20                 How Amy went from penning down a wish to meet Mel Robbins to actually meeting Mel Robbins

18:03                 Amy talks about coaching and helping people annihilate self-doubt

20:27                  Practical tips to overcome impostor syndrome

  1. Do the scary things
  2. Ask yourself, “What voices did I listen to and allow to tell me my worth?”

29:41                  Amy Perkins biggest failure and what she learned from it

31:02                 Amy Perkins on cyberhate and cyberbullying

Quick Juice Questions

34:02    What most inspires you? And when and where are you most inspired?

Amy Perkins: I’m inspired by my kids.

When I get a parent that reaches out to me and says, “Your daughter said this to my daughter, and all these other girls were being really mean to her. I just want to thank you,” it makes me want to cry because that is inspiring.

36:31    Which book has inspired you and changed your thinking the most?

“Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell.

37:13    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and/or given?

 In my one-on-one coaching by Mel Robbins, she said, “Never let a ‘no’ curb your enthusiasm.”

38:46    If there’s one last bit of Executive Juice you can share for people who want to get to the top of their game, what would it be?

Do something that scares you every single day. Your growth will be exponential, and you will become a fierce slayer like me.

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  • “Integrity is the most important aspect of life.”
  • “Difficult times are there for us to learn lessons.”
  • “Nothing happens by accident. The universe has a plan for everything.”
  • “Every dark period in our lives, if you look at it as a lesson, is a chance for massive growth.”
  • “When you write things down and when you believe them in the core of your soul, anything is possible.”
  • “Impostor syndrome, for me, it was listening to outside voices; little things that I just internalized instead of looking at them as opportunities.”
  • “Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth.” – Stuart Lordan
  • “When you write things down and believe it in your soul, anything can happen.”
  • “These things that seem terrifying, are you going to die if you do it? The answer is most likely no.”
  • “If you’re not going to die, do the scary things.”
  • “When you push through fear and you survive, what you do is you build self-trust and authentic self-confidence.”
  • “If people can do something that scares them every day for two months, I guarantee you will annihilate impostor syndrome.”
  • “if you can examine what voices you listened to and allowed to tell you your worth, you can realise those were just voices.”
  • “When you want to learn something, you can learn anything.”
  • “People treat others how they feel about themselves.” – Paul Coelho
  • “My daughter’s achievements in school do not give me worth. There are a lot of parents that don’t have that worth and, so, they’re trying to find it through their children. And it creates these kids that are riddled with anxiety and depression.”
  • “Don’t think about obstructions as being in the way. Think about them as being on the way.” – Dr. John Demartini