Ep 068: Nir Bashan

How to transition from employee to owner, with creatiive expert Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan shares the practicality of entrepreneurship to anyone who does not want to settle for the limitations of being an employee.

Key takeouts from this podcast are:

  • How to transition from employee to owner
  • How to get awareness and listen to your inner voice
  • How to identify and fill a gap in the marketplace
  • Why we should avoid hiring in the easy answers such as the 300% revenue increase companies

In this episode we discuss:

01:00                    Introduction to Nir Bashan

  • Nir’s background [01:16]
  • What Nir is focusing on right now [01:43]

03:39                    Why Nir left full-time employment to become an entrepreneur

05:53                    How to find meaning outside of your day job

07:04                    The importance of cutting down on unnecessary expenses before diving into entrepreneurship

09:22                    What led Nir to dedicate his life to sharing the message of creativity

12:22                    The point wherein Nir could no longer ignore the call of entrepreneurship

14:24                    Why practicality or the how-to’s are so important for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

16:24                    Getting past dead ends in the world of employment

  • How Nir was able to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur [17:58]

20:15                    Nir’s natural strengths and talents that helped him navigate the business world in the early days

  • Finding your niche by finding a need [21:26]
  • Setting the right expectations [23:20]

24:31                    Nir’s biggest failure as an entrepreneur

Quick Juice Questions

  • 26:52      What is your best tip for those thinking about leaving full-time employment?Prepare, prepare, prepare. Try to line up a pool of money—savings. Know your expenses. Find a real product or service that will be received by the market.

    27:20      What are the first steps that aspiring entrepreneurs should take?

    Listen to the creativity that they have deep within them that has been helping them solve problems since they were little children. Remember that sense of freedom and excitement that comes with pursuing an idea that really fits an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit.

    27:44             What has inspired you the most in your journey and where are you most inspired?

    Seeing people with finance degrees and MBAs get really excited about creativity because they are changing their mindset about something that’s taught worldwide. The analytics always seem to be championed above the creative because we love numbers. They are something that we can see, touch and feel. But I love seeing the faces of people who are in finance or engineering who tap into a whole piece of their brain that they have not been using to solve problems that, analytically, I could not before. I am most inspired when I am giving people solutions to their everyday problems—giving people a way to think of things outside the box.

    29:31             Which book has inspired you and changed your thinking the most?

    Any of the top five business books by any of the top five publishers at any point in time, are bound to be great reads.

    33:06             If there’s one last bit of Executive Juice you can share for people who want to get to the top of their property game, what would it be?

    Believe in yourself and get out there and do it.

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  • You need to find your own meaning, happiness, and space for entrepreneurial impetus—not at your day job.
  • The amount of time and attention that you need to spend on your business is not going to be the same as going to work for someone else. It’s double or triple the commitment. You better like what you’re doing before you take that leap.