Ep 071: Juswant Rai

From being “Mr 9-5” to creating UK’s largest networking event

Juswant Rai shares how he went from “Mr. 9-to-5” to becoming a property investor and hosting one of the biggest networking events in the UK.

Juswant joins me in this episode as we talk about:

  • Treating your business with the respect it deserves
  • Disregarding opinions of people who don’t walk their talk
  • Pushing past obstacles and failures, one incremental change at a time

In this episode we discuss:

01:01                    Introduction to Juswant Rai

  • Juswant’s background [01:11]
  • What Juswant is focusing on right now [01:53]

02:54                    The catalyst that led Juswant to go from employee to entrepreneur

  • Juswant’s setbacks on the way to becoming his own boss [7:36]

11:47                    How Juswant created one of the biggest networking events in the UK

  • Running your business like a business [13:40]

16:10                    How Juswant created his property business

18:55                    Breaking away from the employee mindset

20:19                    Juswant’s biggest failure as an entrepreneur

  • Protecting yourself against negative thinking [21:12]

23:17                    The natural strength that helped Juswant to succeed in business

Quick Juice Questions

25:16      What is your best tip for those thinking about leaving full-time employment?

Just do it. You can think about it. You can talk about it. You can procrastinate about it. The longer you leave it, the more you will talk yourself out of it. I read and listen to any book that can help because you need to change your thinking. The groove that you’ve created after how many years in employment—you need to rewrite that.

26:17      What are the first steps that aspiring entrepreneurs should take?

Think about where you want to be in the next three years, seven years, and ten years. Not in the next 12 months. Get a blank piece of paper and write down how, in an ideal world, you’d like your life to look. Money is no object. There is no such thing as the word “no” or “can’t”. You just write it down on a piece of paper, and then you decide how important it is for you to achieve that—and then go and make it happen.

26:56             What has inspired you the most in your journey and where are you most inspired?

Seeing other people around me succeed to do things that I want to do. Seeing people that you know, who started out at the same point that you did, achieve something increases my belief that I can achieve it.

27:44             Are you at the point where you wanted to be when you first started out?

I’m close to it. But all of the setbacks, challenges, and failures aside, it’s the journey that makes the person and helps you appreciate what you have.

30:21             Which book has inspired you and changed your thinking the most?

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

31:32             If there’s one last bit of Executive Juice you can share for people who want to get to the top of their property game, what would it be?

You’ve got to sit down with your significant other (if you have one) and talk about your goals, what you want to achieve, the fantastic things you want to do in the future, and the things you want to create for yourself. Don’t focus on the money because if you do the right things and do them well, the money will follow anyway. Just enjoy the process. You will make mistakes. Things will go wrong. Don’t worry about it, because five months from now, you will realize it was the best decision you ever made.

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  • How you do one thing is how you do everything.
  • When you go out into the entrepreneurial world, you’ve got to make mistakes. You’ve got to fall over and hear the word “no”. Unless you hear the word “no”, you’re not trying hard enough.
  • We’re not going to get it right at the start. We’re going to have a certain amount of information. We’re going to get going, and we’re going to fix it as we go along.