Ep 079: Amaranatho Robey

Ep 079: Founder of The Playful Monk provides a truly reflective approach to busines and life

Amaranatho Robey shares his journey from living 15 years as a Buddhist Monk to becoming an executive coach, agile mindset coach, and sought-after speaker.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

● How suffering can serve as a doorway to enlightenment
● Steps towards greater self-awareness
● How equal doses of selfishness and humility can help you grow personally and professionally

In this episode we discuss:

01:25                    Introduction to Amaranatho Robey

  • Amaranatho’s current focus [02:01]

04:10                    Finding purpose beyond corporate life

  • Turning suffering into enlightenment [05:34]

08:40                    The importance of always moving forward in life

13:00                    The extent of Amaranatho’s suffering before leave his job

16:53                    The first film Amaranatho saw after leaving his life as a monk behind

18:13                    A primer on metacognition

22:31                    Why nature makes us emotional

26:52                    How Amaranatho recreated himself

  • Creating greater social impact [29:11]
  • The first step in Amaranatho’s journey to build his brand [31:19]

34:08                    The power of patience

36:09                    Gaining financial security upon leaving the monastery

39:26                    You have to be a little selfish to grow

Links Mentioned:


  • How do you use your suffering noblely? How can it enable your life?
  • If you really listen to life, then it guides you.
  • This ability to pause and listen to your body, and open your attention to what is actually happening through your senses, gives you the start of self-awareness.
  • This ability to self-reflect and monitor yourself without judging and being overcritical is a great freedom.