Ep 085: Kuda Biza

From $40 in his pocket to feeding 150,000, Kuda Biza’s social impact is phenomenal

Kuda Biza shares what inspired him to leave his native Zimbabwe for the U.S. where he went on to found multiple businesses with a social mission and how, through numerous tests and challenges, Kuda came to live the American Dream.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Inspiring others to pursue their dreams and live their purpose
  • Achieving success versus achieving fulfillment
  • Finding and retaining customers via storytelling

In this episode we discuss:

01:40                    Kida’s first business at nine years old

  • When Kida moved to America [03:22]
  • Why Kida was compelled to leave Zimbabwe [04:58]

09:48                    Founding AFR Clothing

  • How AFR Clothing is doing today [12:51]
  • AFR Clothing’s social entrepreneurship business model [13:52]

17:29                    The unique perspective that having employed experience gives an entrepreneur

20:00                    Why you should never judge your chances of success in business too early

21:29                    Working at a Fortune 500 company while building other businesses at the same time

26:18                    How Kuda differentiates between success and fulfillment

28:42                    Discovering a passion for social entrepreneurship

35:24                    Quitting his job and starting Nunbelievable

39:46                    Kuda’s goal to feed a million people in America

41:07                    Scale your business faster with the right product, branding, and team

  • Utilizing digital marketing effectively [43:49]

47:14                    Using stories to build a following

49:05                    Kuda’s vision for the future of Nunbelievable

51:35                    Kuda’s parting advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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  • The biggest, most important thing that you can gift anyone is their ability to dream. All of the things that anyone has achieved in life is because of them pursuing their dream.
  • Don’t focus on the resources. Focus on being resourceful.
  • The thing about life is that you can never connect the dots moving forward.
  • Success is outward. Fulfillment is inward. Success is a science. Fulfillment is an art.
  • In life, there are three important days. Day one is the day you were born. Day two is the day you find out your why. Day three is each day you act on your why.