Ep 089: Becky Lodge

Not your usual goals chat, with Becky Lodge

Becky Lodge shares her inspiration for setting up her community for entrepreneurs, Startup Disruptors, as well as her reflections on the ever-evolving business landscape, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • The need for greater emotional expression in today’s workplace
  • Setting mental health goals for 2021
  • Accepting what you cannot change

In this episode we discuss:

  • 01:18                    An introduction to Becky Lodge
    • Building the Startup Disruptors community [03:45]

    05:47                    Why Becky set a goal to take the community to 10,000 members in the next five years

    12:04                    How Becky’s why developed over the years

    16:24                    The feminization of the workplace

    22:49                    Changing language and social expectations in a changing workplace

    29:48                    How the business world is transforming before our eyes

    33:12                    Why it’s time to act out of love, not fear

    35:48                    The importance of setting mental health goals in today’s turbulent times

    • The benefits of accepting what you cannot change [37:18]

    40:43                    Putting family first again

    • Taking things one day at a time [43:42]

    49:34                    Coming together as a society for a better world in 2021

Links Mentioned:


  • Every single conversation with a person starts with the first contact.
  • When startups get in trouble, it’s not just financial; it’s psychological as well.
  • I think corporate destroys your why because you’re fitted into a box.
  • There’s nothing weak about expressing emotion.
  • If we’re not here to help other humans and improve the planet, why the hell are we here?
  • There’s accepting it and doing nothing, and there’s accepting it and challenging it.
  • There’s only two emotions that drive most people: You can either act out of love and compassion or you can act out of fear. Unfortunately, most of society acts out of fear.
  • This year, the only goal setting people should be doing is around their mental health and looking after themselves.
  • Let positivity win and make love louder.