Ep 091: Gareth Everson

Is your business Consistent, Scalable and Repeatable? Gareth Everson’s business makes this a reality

Gareth Everson shares how he went from corporate employee to franchise owner to founder of his own CRM software business.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • A primer on white collar franchises and its advantages and limitations as a business model
  • Trusting yourself to fly solo as an entrepreneur
  • Knowing whether you need CRM software for your business

In this episode we discuss:

  • 00:43                    An introduction to Gareth Everson
    • Gareth’s current focus [01:21]

    02:36                    Why Gareth left corporate life while raising a three-month-old

    • Gareth’s plan to get into business and early missteps [03:47]

    09:12                    Gareth’s experience managing a consulting franchise

    • How much Gareth had to invest to start the franchise [11:01]
    • Why Gareth left the franchise [12:19]
    • Gareth’s team within the franchise [13:48]

    15:32                    Branching off to run his first business around the SaaS model

    • The service’s “set-and-forget” system [19:02]

    20:24                    The road to founding Connectably

    25:14                    Connectably’s partnership with Y Combinator

    26:36                    How Connectably serves its clients via the SIMPLER acronym

    32:02                    Connectably’s first customers

    34:00                    Developing Connectably’s software

    35:26                    Gareth’s focus throughout 2020

    39:30                    Connectably’s future

    41:59                    Gareth’s biggest failure and what came out of it

    44:17                    Why use Connectably’s software?

    49:01                    Gareth’s parting shot

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  • One of the reasons I decided to move on from the franchise was what I was selling as part of my time with that network was me and my time. It didn’t really make sense for me to continue to share those revenues with others when I was able to sell my skills separately.
  • If we’re not solving problems—if we’re not serving people—as service business owners, then we don’t have a business, do we?
  • You don’t need Connectably’s software if you’re able to be consistent, scalable, and repeatable with everything that you do with your clients so that every experience your prospects and clients get is always of the same high standard. It’s ever so rare that service businesses are able to get that right without software systems supporting that.