Ep 092: Tee Major

A digital fitness business that created $10k revenue per month within months? Tee Major shares all

Tee Major shares his journey leaving corporate life to pursue his passion for health and fitness, and the steps (and missteps) he took to build up his personal brand to the point where he now owns a business that he can manage anywhere in the world right from his phone.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Building your personal brand online
  • Designing systems and processes and hiring out to leverage your time and efforts
  • Navigating disagreements with business partners

In this episode we discuss:

  • 00:42                    An introduction to Tee Major
    • Tee’s current focus [01:09]

    03:42                    What led Tee to leave corporate life to pursue his passion for health and fitness

    06:37                    Getting into business at an inopportune time

    08:56                    Creating a digital footprint and making money online

    11:22                    Tee on his slow growth during the winter of 2008

    14:01                    An opportunity to train the military overseas

    • The next ten months in a warzone in Baghdad [17:39]
    • Returning to the U.S. and joining the Air Force to train the troops in Kyrgyzstan [19:50]

    24:04                    How Tee designed systems and processes for his training programs

    • What the recently launched Sqwod app offers [25:26]

    26:22                    Leaving Kyrgyzstan after 18 months

    27:52                    Living in Thailand for four months to train in Muay Thai and create content

    29:29                    Launching Tee Major Fitness

    • Making $10,000 in revenue per month from YouTube [33:03]
    • What Tee Major Fitness offers customers [35:02]
    • Delegating tasks to freelancers [36:30]

    38:28                    Diversifying beyond Tee Major Fitness

    41:01                    Tee’s experience selling Set for Set’s shares

    • Tee’s disagreements with his partners [43:01]

    47:23                    Tee’s biggest failure and what came out of it

    50:38                    The future of Tee Major Fitness

    52:02                    Tee’s parting shot

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  • A system of training would be to create something that’s plug-and-play where you don’t need someone there to come up with exercises.
  • How do you create a workout that makes sense for you? Whether it’s time constraints or equipment constraints or you’re dealing with injuries, you need a system: something that’s going to keep you motivated and keep you training despite all of those limitations.
  • If you have a personal brand, and you have people that are interested in following your personal brand, the engagement is what matters. You have to constantly engage those people and give them what they want. They chose to follow you for a reason.
  • If you have the engagement and if you have the following, maintain it because it’s going to end up saving you money in the long run.
  • Find that one thing that you want to do and focus on it. If you believe in what you’re doing, just continue to push forward and pivot and don’t accept failure.