Ep 095: Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas tells us how to create a million dollar business with transparency

Chris Thomas shares his journey from consultant to founder of Yonder Agency, a full-service agency that caters specifically to small-to-medium businesses.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Charging for your experience, not your product
  • Playing the long game in business
  • Niching down to earn more for your time

In this episode we discuss:

00:48                    An introduction to Chris Thomas

  • Something most people don’t know about Chris [01:06]

02:49                    Chris’s consulting career before Yonder Agency

07:08                    Running $3-500,000 app campaigns

  • Chris’s typical margins for his projects [08:10]

11:12                    Knowing the value of your time and expertise—and charging accordingly

  • The moment Chris decided to price higher for his website design service [16:28]

22:21                    Why Chris changed his business model after working on a number of six-figure contracts

27:55                    From solopreneur to owner of an agency

33:56                    Why Chris did not hire for Yonder in the first six months

36:44                    Chris’s biggest failure in business and lessons learned

40:22                    Why Chris finally decide to hire for Yonder

46:14                    What’s next for Yonder?

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  • I really wanted to bring the big city strategies to small-to-medium businesses. It’s literally the same stuff. You need a good website. You need a good email campaign. You need some ads. You need to draw people in and find the right audience.
  • People pay for good design. People pay for good products. We shouldn’t be afraid to upcharge for our good design or our good products.
  • When you find your niche and you find what you’re good at, you’re actually going to make more money than when you had a short payday.
  • Think about a strategy that’s going to cause people to want to work with you; not about how much work you can to be a million dollar business. If you grow too fast, you’re going to crumble at the knees because you don’t have a process to take on multiple clients.
  • Be the same person you are at work that you are at home.