Ep 097: Caroline Stagg

Steps to self awareness, values & vision, with Caroline Stagg

Caroline Stagg shares how happiness, empathy, habits, values, and integrity all play a role in your growth as a leader in both your family life and professional life.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Applying integrity as a leader
  • Growing financially and professionally while keeping family first
  • Getting out of a rut by focusing on what brings you joy

In this episode we discuss:

00:48                       An introduction to Caroline Stagg

        • Something most people don’t know about Caroline [01:10]

04:00                       Why Caroline became a coach for CEOs and ambitious professionals

10:10                       What integrity really means and its application in leadership

        • Troubleshooting a lack of integrity [13:32]

17:37                       Discovering who you want to be as a person

22:33                       Discovering who you want to be as a professional

26:17                       Finding a balance between family and professional ambition

        • Finding time for other activities outside of work [32:20]

36:04                       Changes and challenges that COVID-19 brought to Caroline and her clients

38:46                       Whether Caroline’s life and business so far are aligned with her goals and values

42:16                       Caroline’s parting shot for those who want to get into business for themselves, or simply get unstuck

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  • I think one of the most valuable things that leaders can do is connect with their employees in a meaningful way. When people know that you get them, they’re much more inclined to work with you. That connection is the face of your business, in a sense.
  • How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • We tend to follow the pattern that is comfortable for us. However, the pattern that is comfortable for us is not always going to make us happy in the long-term.
  • Our values are operating in the background whether we are aware of them or not.
  • When all the layers are stripped back, what makes you happy?