Ep 100: Vanessa Martins Lopes

The truth of a Start Up with Founder of “The Wild Curl” Vanessa Lopes

Vanessa Martins Lopes shares how she successfully started a natural curly hair company after being inspired to create a solution for a problem she experienced firsthand.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Using your personal experiences to find a gap in the market
  • Embracing the sacrifices you have to make as a startup entrepreneur
  • Deciding when to go full-time into your business

In this episode we discuss:

00:40                       An introduction to Vanessa Martins Lopes

  • Something most people don’t know about Vanessa [01:06]
  • What is The Wild Curl? [02:00]

02:42                       Vanessa’s motivation to found The Wild Curl

  • Discovering the gap in the market [05:27]

09:34                       Building a business alongside a day job

11:48                       Creating The Wild Curl’s first product

15:26                       How the first couple of years of business went

16:54                       Deciding on the right moment to focus on the business full-time

18:40                       How Vanessa managed her expenses for a year while the business was not yet profitable

34:23                       Keeping your personal finances in check as you build your business

20:58                       Knowing the best time to launch the business

23:20                       How The Wild Curl’s successful fundraising campaign inspired Vanessa

26:17                       The Wild Curl’s current overhead

  • Vanessa’s hiring strategy [27:16]

28:24                       Vanessa’s biggest failure so far

  • Vanessa’s biggest learning out of that experience [32:07]

34:45                       What the next few years will look like for The Wild Curl

Links Mentioned:


  • If we still have to do do-it-yourself products at home, that means there are no companies offering solutions.
  • If you don’t put time into the business, the business is not going to grow—it’s not going to get profitable; so either you have to go for it or you have to drop it.
  • When you make a mistake as a startup, you’re never going to repeat it again, ever.