Ep 101: Roger Nairn

How to build a #1 Podcast with Founder of JAR Audio, Roger Nairn

Roger Nairn shares how he, along with a few partners, bootstrapped a podcast agency that in the span of three years has worked with some of the biggest brands, media networks, agencies, and publishers in the world.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Putting together a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Knowing when to leave employment and dive into your business full-time
  • The six buckets of omnichannel marketing for podcasts

In this episode we discuss:

00:38                       An introduction to Roger Nairn

  • Something most people don’t know about Roger [01:09]
  • What is JAR Audio? [03:00]

04:50                       Why Roger decided to start his own business

07:32                       Educating businesses on how having their own podcast will add value to their brand

09:48                       Transitioning from employee to full-time business owner and acquiring the first client

15:11                       How to not confuse activity with productivity

17:40                       Growing the business after the first client

21:20                       Roger’s partners in JAR Audio

24:17                       How Roger made the decision to jump into the business full-time

27:21                       Producing an ROI-driven podcast

32:12                       The importance of creating a relationship with customers, potential and existing

33:23                       How JAR Audio helped the Well Now podcast beat Oprah’s

39:41                       Roger’s biggest failure so far

  • Roger’s biggest learning out of that experience [42:35]

45:56                       JAR Audio’s employee structure today

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Quote description

  • You don’t really have a product unless you’ve shipped it. Until it’s out there and being used, it’s somewhat worthless.
  • As a business owner, you’re always planning and striving for growth, but you’re never in a fully comfortable state. If you are, then you should actually start to be worried.
  • Last year was an absolutely horrific year for so many people; but podcasting actually grew—significantly, in fact. We see nothing but bright futures for everybody in the podcast world.
  • I wouldn’t classify podcasts as a performance product. It’s not programmatic advertising. It’s a lot more top-of-funnel. So, you need to look at it from the standpoint of what it’s meant for which is creating a conversation with your audience and having an intimate moment with them.
  • The podcast world is sort of the Wild West these days and there are very few rules. A lot of it comes down to your business creativity and just hitting the phones and having conversations. Everybody’s really friendly, by the way!
  • So much of running a business is learning on the go.