Ep 55: Taz Thornton

Talking Hippy Sh*t and how to set goals with a soul, with author and inspirational speaker Taz Thornton

Inspirational speaker and author, Taz Thornton spent a number of years in senior levels of corporate business within the publishing sector working on turnarounds for flagging publications. Now, she coaches business owners and leaders around brand visibility, confidence and empowerment.

Taz joins me in this episode and we discuss:

  • How she created freedom in her life
  • Why she stopped setting goals and what she does instead
  • One question that spurs her to achieve as much as she does

In this episode we discuss:

01:00               Introduction to Taz Thornton

01:29               What Taz is focusing on at the moment

02:09               What people might not know about Taz

03:07               Eight weeks of hell: The pivotal moments that made Taz realise she wanted to help business owners unleash their awesome

17:47               The merits of paying attention not just to our body, but to our mind and soul

27:19               Taz talks about creating freedom in her life

  • Find out why Taz stopped setting goals and what she does instead [28:16].

30:24               Taz reveals the question that helps her achieve as much as she does – “What would the me of 5 years’ time tell me to do at this point?”

Quick Juice Questions

32:48   How do you invest in yourself and what usually drives you to do that?

“I can only lead and inspire people to the level that I have been.

So, I invest in myself regularly. I have different coaches that I will go to depending on what’s coming up. I read a lot of personal development books. I meditate regularly.”

37:22   What most inspires you? When and where are you most inspired?

“I can get inspiration anywhere.

But if I’m thinking of actual places, I love sitting by the sea. I love mountains. There’s nothing like being at the top of a mountain.”

38:44   Which book has inspired you and changed your thinking the most?

“Unleash Your Awesome, obviously. [Writing] that taught me so much about having the time and the dedication to actually write it.

Outside of that, the one I’ve read most recently that inspired me was Shoedog by Phil Knight, the guy behind Nike. Such a beautiful blend of spirituality and mindset and the actual mechanisms of running a business.”

40:13   If there’s one last bit of Executive Juice you can share for people who want to get to the top of their property game, what would it be?

“Ultimately, you need to do the work.”


  • “We see ourselves as being either really left brain or […] right brain. […] If we just let go of our perceptions and recognise that some of those corporate teachings (the left-brain leanings) can dovetail so powerfully with some of the stuff we might dismiss as intangible, the power is there.”
  • “Success for me is being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, with the people I want to do it with.”
  • I stopped setting goals a few years back. I now set intentions. An intention is a goal with soul. It’s not just about what your head thinks you should achieve. It’s about what all of you not only wants to achieve but above and beyond that.

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