Ep 083: Lenka Lutonska

Are you playing too small? Lenka Lutonska’s risks created a 7-figure business

Lenka Lutonska shares her experience of a major betrayal that cost her entire business, and how she recovered from that failure to build the coaching company of her dreams.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Recovering from losing your entire business
  • Winning attitudes of the most successful entrepreneurs
  • Starting a business even when the road ahead isn’t totally clear

In this episode we discuss:

  • 00:52                    Introduction to Lenka Lutonska
    • Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship [01:34]
    • Starting her first NLP course [04:21]

    06:04                    It takes a little naiveté and a lot of courage to succeed as an entrepreneur

    08:07                    Why Lenka’s first business failed

    • Lessons learned from this challenging period in her business life [11:28]
    • Recovering after hitting bottom as an entrepreneur [14:55]

    20:12                    How Lenka financially supported her new business

    22:10                    How Lenka runs her coaching business today

    24:00                    The power of desire in an entrepreneur

    • Lenka’s current vision for life and business [25:17]

    28:55                    What Lenka offers to her clients

    30:19                    The first step aspiring entrepreneurs should make

    32:03                    What margins Lenka operates on in her business

    32:26                    Lenka’s parting thoughts


  • What ultimately made me successful is when I shut all the other doors. There was no way backwards or sideways. I knew that I would make this work. It doesn’t matter what it takes.
  • Successful entrepreneurs have an ability to become obsessive about crazy ideas when everything around us tells us that it’s not so.
  • Never, ever give power to someone else. I had to learn that I’m powerful enough to be responsible for my own success.
  • You don’t have to be clear about everything to start a business. Everyone is clear on something. Make that something your foundation.
  • Let your niche and clarity find you, instead of you looking for them.
  • Believe in that vision of yours, however big it might be, and just take that next step out of love and not fear.