Ep 090: Willy Kosovich

Create a comedy business that no one laughs at, with Willy Kosovich

Willy Kosovich shares how he built a business in the realm of comedy and how he utilizes it towards his passion for boosting mental health in the workplace.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Thriving under pressure as a business owner in a new environment
  • Troubleshooting your marketing campaign
  • Turning your side project into your main thing

In this episode we discuss:

  • 01:30                    An introduction to Willy Kosovich
    • Willy’s current focus [01:52]

    05:43                    Why Willy got into the business of comedy

    09:02                    Creating a comedy workshop

    • Helping different clients achieve their desired outcome [11:19]

    14:19                    What inspired Willy to do stand-up in a foreign country?

    17:14                    Thriving under pressure as a comedian

    19:01                    Why Willy decided to start a company alongside his stand-up instead of finding a job

    20:15                    Willy’s biggest failure as a business owner

    22:21                    How Willy found connections for his email campaigns

    27:22                    How Willy generated interest for his potential services in the beginning

    29:16                    How COVID-19 impacted Willy’s business

    32:54                    Willy’s plans for the future of his business in a post-pandemic world

    34:54                    Willy’s parting words of wisdom

    • Dealing with projects that fail despite all the effort you put into it [37:26]

Links Mentioned:


  • My first instinct in any situation is to make a joke.
  • When you reach out to people on LinkedIn, keep it personal. People can smell bullshit from a mile away.
  • I don’t put pressure on side projects. If I do, it reeks of it to my customers. Build a side project as a side project until it gets too big that it can’t be a side project anymore and it becomes your main project. If you try to make it your main project too early, it’s probably going to fail.