Ep 098: Emily Melious

Doing what you love, is often not enough, with Emily Melious

Emily Melious shares how she was able to start her own business right out of college and how she applies personal lessons learned through that process in her consulting practice.

Three key juicy bits from this week’s episode:

  • Knowing how you operate to design your life and career with intention
  • Having the courage to think bigger and expand your vision for life
  • Building your business around you

In this episode we discuss:

00:54              An introduction to Emily Melious

      • Something most people don’t know about Emily and her current focus [01:11]

02:37               Why “doing what you love” is not enough

05:46              How looking at your talents is the first step to discovering the right business for you

      • Measuring flow [11:12]
      • Reach out to Emily and Launch Consulting [12:06]

12:45               How Emily found her flow to get to where she is today

      • Starting Launch Consulting right out of school [15:36]

17:10               How Emily was able to find success in maintaining and growing her business over 14 years

19:23              Getting the business of the ground with a $100 budget

21:07               Emily’s biggest failure in business and lessons learned

22:51               How to think bigger in three steps

      • Opening your mind to solving problems instead of just accepting them [27:02]

27:58               How Launch Consulting has fared since the pandemic began

31:29               The impact of thinking bigger on Emily’s business

34:10               Emily’s parting shot for those who want to get into business for themselves

Links Mentioned:


  • My proprietary fulfillment formula is: skills, passions, and talents and it’s not “majority wins”. You have to find a role that honors all three aspects of that in you.
  • I think my success comes from constantly being client-focused. I feel like it is my job, always, to be building something for the people that I serve, not for myself. I exist for the people that I serve.
  • We are here for the people we serve, and if that’s not top-of-mind, we’re setting up our own timeline of when we’ll be out of date.
  • Self-awareness is 80% of the battle.
  • All progress starts with telling the truth.
  • We have to be aware of the gravitational pull to protect the status quo. We all fall prey to being stuck with keeping what is simply because it is.
  • Build your business around you. The faster you can work yourself out of the jobs of the business, the faster you will reach scalability, success, and—what’s most important in my mind—fulfillment.